Non-standard No-fault Auto Insurance - Bob Hart Agency, Romeo, MINON-STANDARD NO-FAULT INSURANCE

If you’ve had trouble purchasing a policy from other auto insurance providers, give us a try. Not all insurance companies offer policies to all drivers, but our business is built on giving our customers the coverage they need—even if they have less than perfect driving records, policy lapses, or no prior coverage. Insurance companies are not required to cover all applicants and therefore many choose not to. In fact, some insurance companies only accept drivers who have been previously insured, are over age 25, under age 70, and have perfect driving records.

But there are millions of us who don’t fall into those categories. at Bob Hart Agency we provide auto insurance to everyone including drivers who:
• Have never been insured
• Have had a lapse in their prior coverage
• Have had accidents and/or violations in the past

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