Boat and Watercraft Insurance - Bob Hart Insurance Agency - Romeo, MIWATERCRAFT COVERAGE
A life jacket shouldn’t be your only source of protection when the waves get rough. As a boat owner in Michigan, you join over one million other registered boats on our waters. That means many boating accidents annually. As your insurance agency, we’re here to help you find coverage that protects you, your family and your boat, on and off the water.

You can relax and enjoy the waves, our policy offers coverage while your boat is within the United States or Canada or within 100 nautical miles of the U.S. and Canada. Even out of the water, our coverage helps protect your boat, motor, trailer and equipment up to policy limits. So, no matter when or where you ride the waves, you can relax knowing that in case of an accident or emergency, you have excellent boating protection. Call or e-mail us for a quote!