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Protecting you and your family includes a comprehensive health insurance plan. Without health insurance, you risk depleting your finances should you or a member of your family need medical care, suffer and injury, or need surgery. The costs of healthcare can be astronomical, so take the necessary precautions to protect your financial stability.

When evaluating your family health insurance options, cost is a major consideration. However there are other important aspects of health insurance that you should also be aware of—consider choosing the plan that best fits you or your family’s particular needs. Such as a Qualified One Deductible plan with an HSA account, or a PPO or traditional Indemnity plan.

• Individual and Family Plans
• Cancer insurance
Pays benefits when you are diagnosed with cancer
• Accident insurance
Pays benefits when you become injured as the result of an accident, even if you are injured outside of work
• Disability insurance
Provides income when you are unable to work (totally disabled) due to illness or injury

These supplemental benefits are paid in addition to benefits you may receive from other health insurance coverage.

So, when you are ready, we can help you determine the amount of protection you may need and the type of insurance that’s right for you and your family. Call or click on the UnitedHealthOne image below for a FREE quote!

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